“There are shortcuts to happiness, and, dancing is one of them.”

- Vicki Baum

Dance improves one’s self-esteem and well-being (mental, physical, social and emotional). Bone strength, muscle tone, joints, cardio-vascular health and blood quality are improved.It enables you to develop joy from relationships.

Dance proficiency is magnetic. The inner satisfaction it creates from the essential relationship with one’s SELF leads to self-contentment and self-validation. In the process, you attract unsolicited validation from others and make new friends.

Yo-LAB dancesport reinforces all that is learnt in yoga: body tone, physical strength, alignment, balance, composure, flexibility, focus and poise. It also instills what other codes of sport would: resilience, fitness, stamina and competitiveness.

In addition to being in-touch with the self and “in-the-zone”, dance keeps you in-tune, in-step and in-time with heightened listening skills and on-the-spot decision-making skills.You have to literally “Think on your feet”.

Dance enhances intellectual, emotional and social intelligence as well as memory and improves academic performance and the courage to take risks.

Discipline, respect, creativity, understanding, appreciation and gratitude become the norm from which confidence and joy spring.

Dancesport features the Latin American (Rumba, Samba, Cha Cha Cha, Jive …) and Ballroom (Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Tango, Quickstep and Foxtrot) genres of dance.

These genres teach discipline and skills that form the foundation for other dance styles: Salsa, Mambo, Charleston, Merengue … Bollywood, Bhangra …