Yo-LAB Philosophy

The Yo-LAB challenge is based on the premise that discontentment, dis-ease and feelings of inadequacy are caused by a disconnectedness brought about by incessant distractions.

Our need to impress has become an accepted norm and busyness is our currency of pride.

Part of that busyness comes from our choice to connect superficially with the outside world, ignoring a yearning from within for real connectedness. Those who love us feel estranged. In losing touch with ourselves, we become strangers to ourselves, creating conditions that don’t quite serve anybody – not even ourselves.

BE the YOU, you wish to see.

The YOU that inadvertently has come to lie latent beneath the “exoskeleton” we create to shield us lest our perceived weaknesses are exposed is unable to emerge, as our aggressive, excessively competitive spirit has been allowed to develop such prominence that our identity has become that hard crust from which we choose to act.

Extract from “Some Days Are Diamonds”

“Now the face that I see in my mirror
More and more is a stranger to me
More and more I can see there’s a danger
In becoming what I never thought I’d be.”

Gandhi advises:

“Be the change you wish to see”.

The Yo-LAB adventure is a navigation within.We guide a SELF-INQUIRY process towards SELF-BELIEF so that SELF-LEADERSHIP is authentic and is distinguished by integrity.

As we reach for the stars, we need to keep our feet on the ground. That connection is essential.


Honour yourself through a conscious awareness of your unique gifts and develop self-belief and confidence.

Develop gratitude for those gifts.

Realize that uniqueness is linked with a unique purpose.

Allowing yourself to be guided by your inner intelligence is a sign of courage. It enables you to reach heights of self-compassion and self-validation. It dispels feelings of loneliness and the need for as much dependence on people and things for direction and comfort.

Yours is a life worthy of honour and attention.
You are a magnificent being.

Allow your magnificence to radiate with integrity and fellowship so your back-stage conduct matches your on-stage performance.

Expanded-ness – physical, emotional and spiritual – is a celebration of your true self.