Actively and consciously take yourself to deep levels of equipoise and quiet tranquility - to a space where the authentic SELF feels safe to show up and BE.

A yoga practitioner uses asanas (postures) with clear intent, focused attention to and keen observation of physical aspects of breath control and body-alignment to develop muscle tone, fitness, flexibility and physical and emotional resilience.

Yoga is the part of the Yo-LAB adventure of self-inquiry into deeper levels of being (self-respect, self-belief, gratitude, self-compassion and self-leadership).

Allow yourself the privilege of inner calm and equanimity, the clarity of unburdened thought, the radiance of high frequency energy that empowers you to connect with resonant high frequencies from a universal field. Enjoy the magnificence of your expanded being, where personal brilliance shows up when needed. Allow emotional and social intelligences hitherto unrealized to unleash themselves.

Benefit from the CONNECTION within a field of infinite knowing and possibilities – a feeling of “TOGETHER-Alone”.

Develop resilience, filter out distractions of sensory stimuli and outer turbulence.

Enjoy the courage to delay gratification and be able to validate the SELF.

A thought creates it.
Our emotions amplify it and
Our actions provide it with momentum.

Pay attention to the energy you create by paying attention to your thoughts, emotions and actions.


“What lies behind us and
what lies before us
are tiny matters compared to
what lies within us.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

One of the yoga asanas is the “Tree Pose”(Vrksasana). In addition to saluting the tree, we salute the sun, the moon and the mountain as part of our yoga routines.

The intention is to recognize that we have a relationship with physical elements in our environment. An awareness of these elements provides opportumity to learn from our connectedness to them.

Trees have a quiet and assuring presence and are non-threatening. They have stature and a semblance of dignity and equipoise. They are flexible, yet strong able to withstand extreme conditions.

The yogic tree pose draws from these characteristics to consciously focus on balance, connectedness, calmness, strength and resilience, equanimity … (– the ability to maintain calm in the presence of turbulence).

Trees reach great heights from humble beginnings provided conditions favour their growth. The height we may reach also relates to our attitude and humility.

The roots of trees never experience light. They grow into the soil (what lies within!). They work in harmony with the rest of the plant with not a hint of protest of the fact that they do not get light or the full view or credit for their efforts.The work that roots perform in holding the tree firmly and enabling it to withstand the stresses of turbulence whilst providing water and nutrients to nourish the aerial parts is vital to the tree.

The character of the true self, is similar to the roots (what lies within!). The true self – hidden beneath - is the source of support, security, strength, resilience, nurturing and intelligence.It is where true joy, personal power and deep knowing reside.

In doing the tree pose, while we focus on physical aspects of alignment, balance, strength and control. We invoke deeper levels of our awareness – on both the emotional and spiritual levels.Our awareness extends further into a connectedness we share with elements and energies beyond our being.

If a connection between the roots and the rest of the plant is severed (by making a circular incision all the way round the stem), the tree would not survive.Similarly, if the connection we have with our true self is severed by our sensory responses to the numerous high-frequency stimuli we are bombarded with, our wellbeing is threatened.

We are familiar with the inspiration trees provide for those who engage with it at a deeper level.We too can derive inspiration by engaging deeply within. It’s the reason the YoLAB has the tree pose within its logo and its logo within the body situated in the tree.

We salute the tree for the focus it provides on how to serve and BE in harmony within ourselves as well as with fellow beings and beyond.